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Since 1972, Procoves is the expert in hand protection against serious & irreversible risks from mechanical and thermal origins.
Consultant, Designer, and Manufacturer. Procoves offers the most suitable technical solutions in regards to the required protection’s standard, based on leather, textile fibers and coating. Owing to our know-how and long-term experience, we’ve been able to combine these three technologies in the most optimal way possible. Our specialization in the field of hand protection against of thermal and mechanical risks is what makes us a leading player within the European market.
Quality and innovation play a key role in the elaboration of our products. Our expertise consistently relies on a thorough analysis of the environment and of the risks it may holds. Our Teams guarantee rigorous quality control, state of the art technological design as well as high technical and commercial support.
Procoves is the go-to partner of many leading players operating in a wide range of different fields such as rolling equipments, food industry, steel industry, and public services. We are entirely dedicated to the recommendation, the conception, and the manufacturing of gloves, while assuring the dexterity, comfort and breathability of ours products.
Our products meet all Europe’s norms and standards (even the strictest ones).

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Procoves has two production centers located in France and in Tunisia, both ISO-9001 certified. Our employees on sites hold substantial know-how and acquired through a long experience in the production/ manufacturing of gloves. Located 250km south of Paris, the French production center is strongly automated and mostly specializes in the knitting of gloves. This center has also a line of coating.
The Tunisian production center located near Monastir produces leather and textile cut-sewn gloves adding tremendous value as a result.
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In 1997, Procoves and Wells-Lamont Industry Group, the world leader in the protective glove industry merged.

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Procoves’s products are widely recognized and used all over Europe by worldwide leading companies. We provide protective gloves for the car and equipment manufacturers, as well as for the aeronautical industry, the steel industry, the food industry and the public services.