Our Know-how :


For our company, innovation is about understanding the needs, wants and expectations of our partners, and answering it with the most adapted solutions. This is the first mission our engineers in our technical department tackles. Through their expertise and an in-depth analysis of customers workstations, they know their ways in creating the most suitable offer for our clients.
Our technical department also drafts, in close collaboration with our customers, the requirements specifications.
Procoves has a department prototyping and a testing laboratory, where all feasibility studies as well as performance tests are realized.
With the development of the coated gloves, Procoves further elaborated with a coating line for the development of a chemical formulae, with respect to environmental standards.
To offer products which meet the strictest existing standards is a critical condition to answer our customers’ needs. Notwithstanding that we also constantly strive to improve the dexterity, comfort, breathability, ergonomics, and the overall life cycle of our products. Our ultimate goal is to make our product, the best one on the market.
Procoves also benefits from regular exchanges with Wells Lamont Industry Group in order for its technology to remain state-of-the-art.
To keep our technological lead, we also use a wide range of materials made by technological leaders such as DSM and DuPont within the technical fibers field or Gore for waterproof and breathable membranes for instance.
The gloves which we make with the Dyneema fiber combines sustainable cut protection as well as comfort. The Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber established a new standard in the area of high-cut protection. As a result, higher-cut protection combine with abrasion protection and the use of finer threads allows the production of very light gloves, with more flexibility and dexterousness.
Kevlar Fiber of Dupont combines cut protection with high heat resistance.
Membranes guarantees the watertight integrity and breathability.
Our company aims to create high value-added products, based on quality, innovativeness and a responsive customer service.